Lost in the Woods

Lost in the woods

The police came knocking on our door, at 1.30am. Really, no joke. They left the squad car at the nearest road and trudged through the woods and over the footbridge. Apparently they wanted to know if anyone was lost in the woods. Woken by the dogs barking like mad, hubby stumbled out of bed and the officers told him they had seen our car parked in the muddy lay-by and thought there must be some kind of incident ongoing. Who would be stuck out in the woods at that time of night?

Hubby crawls back into bed muttering. I think: “Maybe they were looking for me. I’m lost in the woods. Thought I’d found the house of my dreams but must have made a wrong turn somewhere, not sure which direction to take now.”

“What did you say?” I ask. “I told them we live here,” he says, and falls asleep.

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