Beast Ready

Okay, so I may have made a slight oversight. Just a tiny blip in the otherwise seamless and methodical organisation of our lives here in the woods – I wish.

So I didn’t pick up diesel. Again. Just as ‘the beast from the east’ was about to hit the North East bringing with it freezing temperatures and smothering snow, I decide the best   use of my time was to spend a day crafting a costume for World Book Day and NOT going out and getting in supplies in readiness for the storm.

That was yesterday. Last night the snow came and this morning we woke to the prospect of being snowed in without power.

“And there’s no milk,” my husband adds unhelpfully at breakfast.

“There wasn’t any in the supermarket,” I explain. “And why don’t you think there was any?” He’s talking in that voice now and I know I’m going to be patronised to within an inch of myself.

“There was no milk because everyone was panic buying,” he explains although he doesn’t need to because now it is all absolutely clear, if a little too late.

The plan, if there ever was one, had been to get milk and diesel today. I didn’t really think  the snow was going to be that bad. As it turned out, it was. The track was covered in the white stuff. The car was going to struggle getting out and the power might cut out at any minute. Quite when is always unclear because the fuel gauge is broken and it’s always a bit of a guessing game but certainly the batteries, which the generator charges and which supply the house with power even when the generator isn’t running,  hold less power in cold weather. So things were looking pretty grim.

There was only one thing for it. We were going to dig ourselves out. The kids hadn’t made it to school so it was all hands on deck.


We made it in the end. It took most of the day digging and scraping and quite a few attempts skidding and sliding but eventually we got the car up the treacherous track and onto solid tarmac where gritters and snow ploughs had cleared the way to the shops.

Once we got the fuel it was a case of carrying it back down.


At least someone had some fun along the way.

And we got gallons of milk and three loaves of bread to see us through.

So ‘beast from the east’ bring it on. It’s snowing like mad outside now, but we can sleep easy.

Ah, I see someone already is!


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The snow did come. In shed loads. The blizzards must have continued throughout the night because in the morning we woke to a winter wonderland.

The track, which is the only vehicle access to the house, now looks like this.

The drifts must be more than two foot deep. Which means we won’t be getting the car anywhere near the house for quite some time. More than glad we made the effort to dig out when we could. But the supplies will only last so long. This could be interesting…

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