Six on Saturday 23-06-2018

You just can’t do enough in the vegetable garden at this time of year. A bit like a spoilt child demanding constant attention there is always something it needs: watering, feeding, supporting not to mention weeding!  In our tenacious attempts towards self sufficiency we grow such a lot fruit and veg that each task can take a tremendous amount of time and energy. So here’s a quick round up of what’s going on, only lets not hang around too long, the garden has had more than enough attention already.

Today’s list is based around the vegetable groups for crop rotation. If you would like to read more posts following the Six on Saturday style please visit the the Propagator website


Our winter greens. Doing well is a bed each of Brussel Sprouts and Purple Sprouting Broccoli, both grown from seed. Kale and Cabbage were sown later and are still languishing in the greenhouse in desperate need of potting on.


2- Legumes

We have broad beans, now flowering, and runner beans which have made a strong come back since being badly damaged by frost when left out overnight on the hardening off bench.


4- Potato family

First earlies just starting to flower, Premier in white and Anya in purple. Pink Fir Apple yet to bloom but if the flower is not pink I want my money back.

potatoes 2

There are 25 tomato plants in the greenhouse and 21 peppers, which need moving into bigger pots as soon as possible. Chilli plants, five in total, are in flower and just starting to produce fruit.


4- Carrot family

Carrots were sown in between the garlic rows, more by luck that judgment as the garlic didn’t appear to be putting on much leafy growth so there was space but actually this is a companion planting method where the smell of garlic should deter carrot fly. As for the garlic, I’m hoping there is more going on beneath the surface, but we shall see.  After waiting an eternity for the seed to come up, we also now have a healthy looking bed of parsnips.

5- Beetroot family

There will be no shortage of iron in our diet with good crops of spinach, swiss-chard with  bright multi coloured stems and beetroot.


6- Marrows

Finally we have pumpkins in flower and a courgette bed, which I notice now that hubby has studded with lettuce. We have enough lettuce, dear! I will be having words…

Next week I’d like to take you on a tour of the fruit we have growing but for now if you enjoyed reading this post why don’t you follow my blog and get an email when I publish a new post.



8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 23-06-2018

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  1. A garden of plenty! No wonder it’s attention-seeking. And your greenhouse is so impressive with all those tomatoes. Do you get fruit fly? We have serious problems with them here, so much so that I’ve just about given up trying to grow tomatoes, even though the pleasure of eating a home grown one is immense.

  2. Such a delicious bounty! Your beds look so full, but you’ll find some room for that kale and cabbage, right? You’re correct about plants being demanding — sometimes I can practically hear them crying out to be transplanted, harvested, and more! 🙂

    1. Ha ha, yes! I thought it was only me who could hear the plants calling out for attention. I walk through the veg patch going “hold on there, I’ll deal with you later…” and so on. Hoping kale and cabbage will go in after broad beans harvested if they can wait that long …

  3. Wow! Now that is a veggie patch! Fabulous! Do you plant flowers in your vegetable garden too? Sometimes it’s nice just to have the ‘pretties’ while working practially 😊. Plus the bees like them too.

    1. Hi Nat, yes we have a few “pretties” but it’s not my strength- something I’d like to do more of. We have borage and comfrey to attract pollinators and there’s wisteria, roses, poppies and a few others but watch this space – flowers are the big next push!

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