Aga Saga

Dragged myself through the last few days with a horrible cough - and now it appears the Aga has come out in sympathy. It’s a long standing family joke that my good humour (or not) is weirdly linked to the cantankerous old coal fired range which heats our house and hot water. When it’s low... Continue Reading →

Halves on half a pig

TEN years ago when we first secured the purchase on our 'dream home’ and the prospect of moving to the countryside became a reality, I went to bed with a cookbook. No flicking through Country Living magazine with glossy pictures of rustic kitchens and pretty china-filled dressers for me! I was straight in with the... Continue Reading →

Every Last Drop

Autumn, and each warm sunny day feels like it could be our last. The sun climbs just high enough to brush the trees tops, bathing the house in glorious yellow light for the middle of the day before sinking wearily behind the conifers by early afternoon. I love the heat, loathe the winter and want... Continue Reading →


The repair man is shaking his head and giving me ‘the talk’. The generator may not be worth mending. He’s speaking in grave tones about running hours and the cost of parts. Head in hands, I’m not really listening to details. There is no need to point out that everything has a shelf-life - but... Continue Reading →


THE first hint of autumn in the air and the hedgerows and woods are laden with food. Nature’s supermarket aisle, all produce free from artificial colourings, preservatives and sweeteners - but hurry now while stocks last! I arrive early to beat the crowds. The birds, mice, squirrels, deer and slugs are all keen to take... Continue Reading →

Six on Saturday 25.8.18

THE trouble with going on holiday for a veg gardener is that your plants don’t take a break while you are away. In fact they seem to work overtime, which is very good of them, and I appreciate the effort, but it does make coming home a bit burdensome. So this week’s Six on Saturday... Continue Reading →

School’s Out!

School’s out for summer and the kids turn feral as they camp by the river while a host of guests are welcomed to the house. Garden produce is so plentiful I can feed an army on a shoestring. It’ s a great joy to share the fruits of our labour with family and friends as... Continue Reading →

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